Before you Begin

What more can I say? Put your efforts in verse here.

Same rules as for Stories. Submit your work via email or the contact form to the admin and moderators and they will post it. Discussions will be in the discussion forum.
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Before you Begin

Post by Dante » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:43 pm

If you want to read stories, use the bulleted menu below the ribbon menu above. Click on Member Poetry or Member Stories to see the listings

This is a moderated forum area. Every post must be approved by a Moderator or Admin before it appears here. To have your story or poetry published here, you have two options.

A> You can post it to the forum the usual way. We suggest that you cut and paste it into the forum. Long stories should be broken into shorter installments to make it easier to read. Be sure and include a header with each installment showing the title of the story, the installment number and a copyright notice.

B> You can email your story in a .TXT file to the forum administration using the contact form.

We have turned off comments and posts in this forum to keep it easier for readers. If you want to make a comment or critique one of the stories, please do so in the Discussion section of the forum.
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